People buy paper shredders for the primary purpose of ensuring security. They want to destroy whatever piece of information may be found in that piece of paper, document, or material from falling into the wrong hands. Though its main purpose is to ensure security, the rise of different types of shredders has come to address the market with different needs, purposes, and wants.

Here’s our top 5 picks for the Best Micro Cut shredder.

PictureNamePriceOur Rating
PictureNamePriceOur Rating
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder$$$$4.6
AmazonBasics 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder$$$4.3
AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder$$4.6
Bonsaii DocShred C560-D 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder$4.1
Sentinel FM101P 10-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder$$$$4.6

You may ask yourself why bother getting an expensive micro-cut shredder when you can get a different type at a lower cost and still get protected, but here’s why you might want to get that micro-cut shredder after all.

Highest Level of Security

The reality of fraud, identity theft, and the like can only make the purpose of getting a shredder more compelling if not practical. When it comes to these crimes, there’s no other person who’s a bigger advocate of micro-cut shredders than the famous American security consultant, Frank Abagnale, Jr. This household name is the true to life character of the Leonardo DiCaprio movie Catch Me If You Can. Frank knows what he’s talking about when he talks about security. He shares personal experiences with the FBI when they spent only an hour putting shredded pieces from strip-cut shredders back together. This comes as no surprise – everyone has seen something like this on TV or in movies.

Everyone has said something similar about the strip-cut shredder. The more reliable and more secure cross-cut shredder was supposed to solve this problem, but just when everyone thought they were protected enough with a cross-cut shredder, here comes Frank Abagnale to burst your bubble: he recounts how they spent only a total of 8 hours in a FBI lab putting together the shredded pieces from the supposedly “reliable” cross-cut shredder. If you need real security, turn to a micro-cut shredder. Buy one that will accomplish what you want – to destroy documents that need to be destroyed. It’s impossible to put back together confetti-shredded pieces from a micro-cut shredder.

Credit Card Protection

There’s a feature that many paper shredders have today – the ability to shred tougher materials like plastic. Plastic shredders enable the cutting of old credit cards, compact discs and DVDs, even staples and paper clips. Different types of shredders may contain this feature, but don’t be too assured by this feature alone. Some are rather primitive in that they only cut up your old credit cards into four pieces. What this means is while you may have thought you have properly disposed of your card, you may still be putting yourself at risk once they fall into the wrong hands. It’s a different case with a micro-cut, shredder where you can rest assured that your card has been cut into confetti pieces.

Features Found in the Best Micro-cut Shredders

Don’t let the cost of a micro-cut shredder stop you from getting one. Prevention and peace of mind are priceless. You can never put a price on security. Here are some of the features that come with the best micro-cut shredders.

Shredding Capacity – Micro-cut shredders are known for ensuring unbeatable security for your private data, so if you’re getting this type of shredder, take a look at the shredded output. The best shredders will be able to cut paper and documents into confetti-like pieces small enough to render it impossible for any human to reconstruct them. The capacity of your shredder should also be adequate to your use – volume and types of materials to be shredded should be taken into consideration.

Ease of Use – Shredding should be a piece of cake. There are micro-cut shredders with a 3-mode switch feature that allows users the option to choose between auto-on, off, and reverse for easy operation. Auto-reverse is a great option as it would save you the hassle of jammed shredders, as this feature will automatically stop and reverse the shredder in case of paper jamming.

Quiet Performance – Gone are the days when you have to deal with deafening noise every time you put your shredder into use. Look for shredders with the SilentShred feature if you’d like to enjoy quiet performance. This is great when you’re sharing a workspace or when you want to enjoy a book, listen to music, or watch television while taking care of the chore of shredding your papers. This is also one of the best features for home or personal use with young kids or napping newborns in the house.

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