Are you worried about disposing of your personal documents? Have you ever considered buying a paper shredder? As identity fraud is on the rise, disposing of sensitive documents and information needs to be done in the correct way. This guide will give you detailed information about the different types of cheap shredders that are available on the market. We’ve also included some reviews of the best cheap shredders, to help you decide which shredder to purchase. Whether you run a small business that needs to shred documents on a daily basis, have a home office, or just want to occasionally shred your personal documents, our guide will help you pick a shredder that is perfect for your needs without breaking your budget.

The Top 5 Cheap Shredders Under $100

PictureNameShred TypePriceOur Rating
PriceNameShred TypePriceOur Rating
Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12 Sheet Paper/CD/Credit Card ShredderCross Cut$$$4.1
Aurora AU740XA 7-Sheet Paper/Credit Card ShredderCross Cut$$4.8
AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Paper, CD, and Credit Card ShredderStrip Cut$$4.0
Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Paper/Credit Card ShredderCross Cut$$$4.2
AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Paper and Credit Card ShredderMicro Cut$$$4.6

What Is A Paper Shredder and Why Do You Need One?

Paper Shredders are machines that turn sensitive documents into small pieces which are secure and unreadable. They offer businesses and individuals the ability to get rid of their personal documents by shredding them into pieces that can then be disposed of safely and without risk of identity fraud. Modern paper shredders cut your documents into much smaller pieces than the original models that were released and most also have the ability to destroy other sensitive items including credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s.

Before the invention of shredders, companies had to rely on a third party which would provide shredding services and individuals just didn’t have that option available to them at all. The introduction of cheap paper shredders that individuals and small businesses could afford to own eliminated the need to use these services. On-premises shredding is now a common occurrence in businesses and even many homes. As the price of shredders has fallen, many people have also purchased them for use at home to protect themselves against identity theft.

How to Find the Best Paper Shredder for Under $100

You can easily buy a paper shredder that fits your budget as well as your needs. The price range for shredders varies depending on the model and features. In general their price will range from $20 to $500. When considering how much to spend on a shredder, it’s important to think about how often you plan to use it and how many documents you intend to shred.

Basic models which are easy to use and have less features can be picked up online for around $20-$30. These are likely to be strip cut shredders. Shredders with finer cuts that provide higher security will demand a slightly greater investment, but many of these features are still available on models that cost less than $50. When choosing a shredder, it is important to also have some specific things to look for i.e. the differences in the product brands and styles. You should compare the cut method (strip cut, cross cut or micro cut), plus things like the feed capacity (how many sheets it will take at one time), and the waste basket capacity.

All of the models that we’ve featured on this page are under $100, with most of them priced under $50.

What Makes a Good Paper Shredder?

Document Security is the number one benefit of a shredder. Shredders cut paper in three different ways. They either strip cut, cross cut, or micro cut the paper. Most cheap, basic shredders from about 5-10 years ago chop up documents into strips. However, strip cutters are not as safe as people think as criminals can easily piece strips back together by using computer software and this is why most models, even under $100, now are cross cut or micro cut.

A cross cut shredder is a safer, more secure method of shredding documents. These types of shredders cut the paper both horizontally and vertically. These shredders also come in different security levels. Paper will be cut down into around 300-500 pieces. That is about ten times more secure than a strip shredder.

Micro cut shredders take security a step further from cross cut by using even finer cuts. These types of shredders are perfect for commercial use. Shreds are tiny and there’s no way they will ever be read again. The smaller the pieces the shredder cuts the document into, the more secure it is.

Advantages of A Good Paper Shredder

The number of sheets that can be fed into a shredder varies depending on the quality of the product. Most shredders have the capacity to shred between six to twelve pieces of paper at a time. In general the more sheets a shredder can shred the more expensive it will be. Shredders with greater shredding capacity will work quicker and will, therefore be more appropriate for commercial use in an office. If you are buying a shredder to use at home then you may consider getting one with a lower capacity as it will work just as well and you may save some money.

When buying a shredder it is also important to consider the running time as well as the cooling time for each model you look at. If you want to shred high volumes of paper on a regular basis you will need a good quality shredder that can run easily without getting overheated. Most shredders nowadays have a thermal cut off system to stop them from overheating. Cheaper models of shredders may have lower running times and may even need longer to cool down. However, this is generally fine for light duty home use.

A major advantage of having a shredder beside your desk is that it helps you to get rid of any confidential papers right away. Most modern shredders will allow you to shred papers, CDs and credit cards. If you plan to keep the shredder beside your desk for continuous use, then it’s important to take into account the size of the waste basket. If you get a shredder with a larger bucket it will need emptying less often. Most shredders will have a little plastic window in the waste bucket so that you can see when it is getting full.

By using a shredder, offices are able to reduce the amount of waste they create. Once documents are shredded, they can be recycled by providing them to places like animal shelters to use for pet bedding. You also won’t have to worry about your documents getting into the wrong hands as may be the case with other forms of disposal.

Reviews of the Top 5 Paper Shredders Under $100

Bonsaii DocShred C156-D

This shredder is good value for money as it has some nice features normally found in much more expensive shredders. It has the capacity to shred up to 12 sheets of paper at once and can also be used to shed credit cards, CD’s and DVD’s. Paper clips and staples aren’t a problem for this machine either. The paper will be shredded into small cross-cut pieces which is great if you are shedding confidential documents.

This shredder also has an auto start button and manual reverse which helps to clear paper jams. The motor is protected from overheating by the thermal protection system. The shredder is situated above a 5.5 gallons waste basket which has a window so you are able to see when it is full.

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Aurora AU740XA Cross Cut Shredder

The Aurora AU740XA can shred up to 7 sheet of paper at once. It features a 3.7 gallon basket which is great if you have a large amount of shredding to get through. It also has a “Shred Safe” mode which will turn the machine off automatically upon forced entry thus helping to prevent any accidents.

The Aurora AU740XA can continuously shred for 3 minutes at a time. It also has the ability to shred credit cards and is not bothered by staples or paper clips. In the event of a paper jam there is a jam booster feature which helps to clear any clutter. It also has an auto stop button and is protected from overheating. Overall this is a great little shredder for home office use.

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AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper

The AmazonBasics paper shredder is a cheap and cheerful option for anyone new to using a shredder. It is very easy to use and can shred eight sheets at a time. This shredder can also be used to destroy credit cards as well as CDs, and DVDs. It is also quite fast and can shred 9.84 feet of paper per minute. Paper is shredded into strips that are ¼ inch wide; making it suitable for destroying personal documents, although it would be best if these were then recycled at your local pet shelter to let them get a little more destroyed before disposal.

Like most modern shredders, this AmazonBasics model has an auto start button as well as a manual reverse for clearing any paper jams. It also has a large waste basket that holds 3.2 gallons. Overall this is a great little shredder for the home office, it is very good value for money and also comes with a one year warranty.

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Aurora AS890C Cross Cut Shredder

The Aurora AS890C is an affordably priced shredder which uses a cross cut motion to shred paper into very small pieces. It can also be used to destroy credit cards, and you can leave the paper clips and staples attached to your documents.

While the 8 sheet capacity is a little low for heavy use in an office setting, it’s perfectly fine for your home use and it is extremely affordably priced.

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AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This is a great shredder for any business or individual with sensitive documents as it shreds the paper into micro cut pieces that are 5/32″ x 15/32″. It has the capacity to shred 6 sheets of paper at once and can also deal with credit cards. This shredder can be used for longer periods of time without a problem. It has a large waste basket which means that it doesn’t need to be continuously emptied. It also has a handle to allow it to be moved easily around your home or office. Other great features include thermal protection to prevent overheating as well as a manual reverse to clear any paper jams.

As the only micro cut shredder in our round up, if you want the ultimate level of safety in secure document destruction, then this is the model for you.

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