Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web, Shredder Lab!

In January 2016, I had the call from my bank that everyone dreads receiving. Someone had managed to get hold of my personal information and used it to go on a credit card opening spree. Luckily they managed to stop this person before they’d When I asked my bank how this could have happened, they said that it’s possible that someone had found the details on some of my old letters that I’d thrown into the bin, and used it to form a profile of my essential details – name, address and date of birth.

After this, I decided that I would be fighting the war on identity theft by shredding all of the documents that I receive from banks, credit card companies and anything else that has my details on it.

But then came an even tougher decision – which shredder should I buy? I started to research into the different types – strip cut, cross cut and micro cut, to find out the differences between them and which would be the best value for my needs without breaking the budget.

Rather than letting all of my efforts in researching the different models go to waste, I decided to start Shredder Lab to share my findings. I hope you find it useful!

Jackson Anderson.